Retractable Hands-Free Dog Leash


The perfect pet leash for on the go activities With this Retractable Hands Free Dog Leash your running companion will have the independence to run ahead without compromising your jogging style Pushing a baby stroller and walking your dog can be challenging but with this leash you can now take the entire family out for a hassle free walk You will be able to multi task as both your hands will be free if you need to attend to your baby carry something or need to take a call It includes a bungee leash between the two clips to reduce pulling joint and muscle strain on both you and your dog as well as prevent injuries caused by sudden jerking Perfect length for walking running or hiking with your dog This feature allows your dog to comfortably walk in front beside or behind you Product Features Hands free pet leash Includes a bungee leash to keep your dogs pulling to a minimum Parent friendly Ideal for medium to large breed dogs Reflective thread to ensure safety and visibility during low light outings Use while walking running or hiking

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